Payment Methods

Payment Option Infomation
Visa We accept payments with Visa cards, providing a straightforward and widely recognized method for your convenience.
Paypal We accept payments with PayPal
Stripe is equipped with Stripe for seamless payment processing. Use your preferred credit or debit card securely through the Stripe platform.
Mastercard We also accept Mastercard payments, giving you another reliable option to make your purchases.

Verification of Billing Address Requirement

In order to ensure smooth online transactions, it is crucial to accurately connect them with the correct billing address. Please verify that the billing address used for purchases matches the details on your credit or prepaid card registered with your bank.

Deferred Payment Option

The option to Buy Now and Pay Later is currently only available to customers in the United States. Customers in Europe can expect to have access to this payment feature soon.

Payment Options and Security Measures

The availability of payment options through Affirm depends on meeting certain criteria and may not be universally accessible. Affirm loans are provided by lending partners; refer to for specific terms. Residents of California are served by Affirm Loan Services, LLC, under a California Finance Lenders Law license.

Enhancing Payment Security

We give high priority to safeguarding your personal information during order processing by using TLS encryption technology. Data is shared with internal third-party production and shipping partners. Payment processing is handled by Stripe; please review Stripe’s privacy policy for detailed information. Parcel tracking requires sharing data with Printify Inc for monitoring purposes.

Preventative Measures Against Fraud

As part of the ordering process, a fraud prevention assessment is carried out through Stripe, utilizing geolocation based on your IP address to prevent payment misuse. This process complies with Article 61, Sentence 1f of GDPR regulations.

Google Maps Autocomplete Functionality

The use of Google Maps Autocomplete helps reduce delivery errors by utilizing geolocation based on your IP address. Data processing follows Article 61, Sentence 1f of GDPR standards. For more details, consult Google’s Privacy Policy.

Feedback Collection and Review Management

Trustpilot and Google Customer Reviews are essential for collecting feedback. Trustpilot manages feedback emails and moderation processes, while Google Customer Reviews offer valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels.

Data Retention Guidelines

In accordance with commercial and tax laws, order, address, and payment data are stored for ten years. The legal basis for data processing is outlined in Article 61, Sentences 1b and f of GDPR. Rest assured that our online transactions adhere to strong security protocols to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.